Welcome to Greensmere

Chris & Ian Green who run Greensmere Hydrotherapy first dedicated themselves to the welfare of pets with the founding of Pet and Home Care Services. Ian also trains and rehabilitates dogs and their owners through his work as a Behaviour Counsellor. ...our approach is simple, to be professional, reliable, and caring. It’s all about trust...

Hydrotherapy utilises the buoyancy and support of warm water to relax muscle trauma, and relieve pain promoting improved mobility, circulation, and cardiovascular stamina.

The needs of each client will vary greatly, from a severe medical condition or injury to simple fitness deficit, therefore treatment swims are tailored sensitively around each individual - each visit, with guidance from their vet.

Hydrotherapy should be regarded as a holistic approach to treatment - the benefits are both physical and psychological. A less stressed relaxed patient will heal, recover and rehabilitate much faster.

We actively encourage the dogs to enjoy their visit to the pool with the use of floating toys, healthy treats, and lots of supportive encouragement. They will have a warm shower before and after each session, and will be dried with our warm air blaster.

The Greensmere Eco Hydrotherapy Centre has been designed to be welcoming to both dog and owner. We have full disabled access, and the benefits of our own parking arrangements.

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